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What We Do

Francis Oil and Propane installs and services gas heaters, logs and other gas appliances. We can also run gas lines for large and small jobs. Our Service Team has over 60 years of combine service. You will be exceptionally pleased with the work our teams will do for you.

Propane Tank Installation

If you need expert propane tank installation for your home, business or farm in Central Virginia or the surrounding areas, you can trust the service experts at Francis Oil and Propane. We are a family-owned and operated propane company located in Brookneal, VA and serving residential, commercial and agricultural customers. Our professionals are experienced in installing all different types and sizes of propane tanks including above ground and underground tanks. We offer propane and our propane services at competitive prices and deliver customer service that is unparalleled in our industry.

Above Ground Propane Tank Installation

When it comes to above ground propane tank installation, you can count on the dedicated professionals at Francis Oil and Propane. Our service technicians can install an above ground propane tank in your home, business or farm to meet all of your propane heating and fueling needs. Once your propane tank has been professionally installed, we can provide all the service and repairs you need to keep it operating safely an efficiently. We also offer prompt and reliable propane tank refill services and 24 hour emergency service.

Underground Propane Tank Installation

Francis Oil and Propane is pleased to offer expert underground propane tank installation services to residential, commercial and agricultural clients in Central Virginia and the surrounding areas. Installing an underground propane tank provides an efficient and attractive means of heating or fueling your home, business or farm. Our experienced service technicians are specially trained to install underground propane tanks. Once your underground propane tank has been professionally installed, you can count on our experts to provide any service or repairs you may need, and to refill your tank.

Don't want the hassle of monitoring your own propane tank levels? Sign up for our auto-fill program and never worry about your fuel levels again.

Gas Piping Installation & Service

Francis Oil and Propane would be proud to serve you with expert gas piping installation and service. We are a full service, family-owned and operated company located in Brookneal, VA. We proudly serve residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial clients in Central Virginia and the surrounding areas with top quality propane and propane related services. Our company offers competitive pricing and a level of personalized customer service that you will not find elsewhere. If you need gas pipe installed in your home, business or farm or if you need service or repairs on an existing gas pipe, we invite you to become one of our satisfied customers.

Propane Cylinders

Francis Oil and Propane is pleased to offer a filling service at our Brookneal, VA location. Stop by our office at your convenience between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday - Friday and have your propane cylinder of any size filled.

Cleaning Services

Francis Oil and Propane sells high-quality, American-made products, and when maintained properly your family or business will enjoy years of functionality and warmth. We strongly recommend that you keep your gas burning appliances in excellent working condition by having them cleaned yearly. Our knowledgeable and trustworthy team would be happy to make an appointment with you to clean and service your appliance. Whether your appliance is seasonal and remains shut off for extended periods of time or you have recently done painting, sanding or other home renovations near your appliance your gas logs or heater should be cleaned before using again to maintain peak performance. Dirty logs or pilot lights can impair the proper use of the equipment. Give us a call today to schedule a routine cleaning and check up on your gas logs or heater.

Gas Lines Installation

Are you building a new home or business, renovating an existing one or tackling that outdoor project?

Trust the experts at Francis Oil and Propane to run your gas lines inside or outside. When Francis Oil and Propane does work in your home or business you can rest assured knowing that the work is of the up most quality. Our service team is highly trained, professional and uses only the best quality materials.  If you can dream it, we can do it! Call today to make an appointment for our Service Team Manager to look at your project and provide you with a fair estimate of time and cost.

Call today to speak with a Francis Oil service & installation expert about your needs.

A local, family owned and operated business for 3 generations. We guarantee exceptional customer service that will meet all of your needs big or small.

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